Steph Januchowski-Hartley

I am an environmental scientist, writer, and artist motivated to understand aquatic ecosystems and people’s relationships with these systems.



Tara Cater

I am a cultural geographer, ethnographer, and writer fascinated by how people perceive, use, and value the non-human world, and the politics and processes of governing environments.



Rose Davies

I am an artist, printmaker and scribbler and I have a particular interest in our historical relationship with and impact upon the environment.




George Fulton

I am ‘a bit of a fish maniac’, with particular passion for sturgeon! I want to be a conservationist and explorer when I am older. I am a keen wildlife photographer, and most weeks I swim in rivers and enjoy white water rafting and arcing.



Rose Fulton

I have a deep love for all animals and want to be a conservationist when I am older. I also love river swimming.



Loren Gittings

I am a postgraduate student and ecologist currently exploring the use of underwater cameras as a technique for quantifying the biodiversity of a local freshwater stream.



Sayali Pawar

I am a physical geographer, exploring challenges in human-environment interactions and keen on producing some scientific alternatives to the problems in this world of anthropogenic change.


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Kherlen Shinebayar

I am a postgraduate student and environmental scientist, also an incurable nerd, interested in the interactions between different ecosystems.



James White

I am an aquatic ecologist interested in the conservation of freshwater ecosystems through the management of habitats and water resource operations.


Web: Google Scholar profile