Hello everyone! Below is a teaser – or warmup if you will – of our upcoming production, Shout Trout Workout, premiering at 1645 (British Summer Time) on Wednesday 21 October on FIRE Lab Swansea YouTube Channel! Join us for the Shout Trout Workout as part of a week-long celebration for free-flowing rivers and migratory fishes in the lead up to World Fish Migration Day! Shout Trout Workout was written by Merryn Thomas, and the production is thanks to a collaboration between FIRE Lab, Tank Think, and Ethan Kocak – credits to all the amazing people that collaborated on this are set out below!

Lyrics: Merryn Thomas – Illustrations: Ethan Kocak – Contributions: Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley, Daphne Giannoulatou, Peter Jones, and the FIRE Lab team – Direction, Editing, and Performance: Wes Tank – Production and Cinematography: Ryan Sarnowski – Music and Audio: Josh Evert – Trout Mural: Ryan Rothweiller – Production Assistance: Silas Zahm.

Funding for Shout Trout Workout is thanks to Welsh European Funding Office, European Regional Development Fund, and Swansea University for Project 80761-SU-140 (West). A special thanks to Luke Zahm and The Driftless Cafe.

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