A few months ago myself, Rose, and James headed up the Tawe River valley as part of some exploratory research in relation to science and art on tributaries to the Tawe. We are looking at differences on culverted and non-culverted streams, and bringing together arts and sciences to do so. It’s a growing area of work, so stay tuned for more details as James and Rose bring it together. In-line with this emerging work, you can dig into a refreshing read by Rose for Swansea’s Sound Board Magazine (image below)! Rose is also working on a number of print art pieces from the sketches she made during our trip to the Tawe headwaters in May. You can read more about that in this post about Proofing The Streambed. We look forward to sharing more about these ideas and research over the coming months. Thanks to Rose for writing about our work together! Happy Friday!


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