Happy Friday! If you are visiting or live around Swansea, Wales, we have a fun (primarily) outdoor activity for you to join! It’s a QR Code Quest that starts at Square Peg in Sketty, where you’ll visit the hybrid artworks and gather your first clue. The Quest then guides you through Sketty, Uplands, and into the town centre, to end back at Square Peg!

The Quest is a series of QR codes, which once you FIND and SCAN them, will play a short YouTube video for you to LISTEN to a haiku reading, question, and clue so that you can then MOVE to your next location. Remember! Google is your friend! First person to complete the entire Quest each day in July will WIN a free coffee from Square Peg!

QR Code Quest – Find, Scan, Listen, Move, Win a free coffee at Square Peg in Sketty! Throughout July 2021, the first person to complete the entire Quest each day will win a free coffee!

Each haiku that you listen to on the Quest is from the Underwater Haiku Collaborative Competition project, and has been contributed by someone from around the world. The Haiku relate to each of the hybrids that Daphne Ioanna Giannoulatou designed with FIRE Lab and Asha Sahni.

When you return back to Square Peg (nearly done with your quest!) collect your free Underwater Haiku Collaborative Collection booklet, full of haiku about the hybrids, written by people around the world! Inside the booklet you’ll find your final QR code – a short 4 question survey to help us better understand your relations with rivers and also what you thought of the Quest! Participating in the survey is voluntary.

Each of the hybrids, from left to right below, Stagwhale, Octowl, Butterbird, and Salfly are who you seek to find alongside your treasured QR Code on the Quest! Now off you go to see if you can find Stagwhale, Octowl, Butterbird and Salfly in time to be the first back to Square Peg to enjoy a coffee!

Stagwhale (a stag + whale), Octowl (owl + octopus), Butterbird (butterfly blenny + black bird), Salfly (salmon + mayfly) hybrid creatures who features in Underwater Haiku project and are your guides of the QR Code Quest!

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