Bryher and I were inspired by the wonderful drawings that have been submitted to the Fire Lab Kids website and we wanted to make, and share about, our own Wondrous River Creature!

One sunny morning, we headed to Clyne Gardens for some aquatic inspiration. We feel so lucky here in Swansea to be surrounded by amazing countryside, but these gardens are one of my absolute favourite places, with a gorgeous stream running through out to Swansea Bay. You can read more about the freshwater ecosystems around Swansea in an earlier blog post by my colleague, James.

Bryher and I were not disappointed by our adventure. In the gardens we spotted: amenable squirrels, enormous redwoods and a variety of stream wildlife including shrimps and stoneflies. Each of these creatures and encounters shaped Bryher’s drawing in some way. You may notice that her creation (and general approach) was also heavily influenced by her fascination with dinosaurs…

We will keep it brief so you can enjoy the video and meet the wondrous Hoobwaswamalotux – Bryher’s palm-tree sized creature with two faces that lives under rocks, in Clyne Gardens!

Watch where you step!

By: Merryn Thomas

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