Hello! Daphne and Steph will be continuing their Underwater Haiku activities on a Journey with Rivers during the Metamorffosis Festival taking place in Gwynedd / Anglesey area in north Wales.

Journey with Rivers event will take place from 1400-1600 on Saturday 26 June! If you are 18 years or older, will be in North Wales or nearby, and can safely make it to Treborth Botanic Gardens in Bangor, then please join us and register your interest on the Metamorffosis Eventbrite. To register, first click on ‘register’ at the front Eventbrite page and then scroll down about half-way to find Journey with Rivers and register your interest. Spaces are limited to 30 people to keep things COVID spaced and safe.

On this Journey with Rivers we will be outdoors in a lovely park setting, where we will Imagine, Write, Create, Dress Up and Improvise about our rivers now and in future. Our journey will include two complementary workshops that combine collecting ideas and found items to create visual or written haiku along with working collaboratively together in small (physically distanced) groups to design an impromptu performance that brings our haiku together! This will be an interactive creative activity that is sure to bring smiles, laughs, and hopefully some new thoughts and reflections about our rivers.

We hope to see some of you there and that you will also be able to join in other events and activities during the festival. We had an exciting pre-event with contributors and community members earlier in the week and that got us thinking to cross-pollinate activities and share our creativity and creations across the festival. Things are sure to go swimmingly and we truly look forward to a shared metamorphosis into creatures or things of the rivers!

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